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Floor Care

Starco Chemical can help you effectively maintain the look of a beautiful floor with all of our low cost, high quality products. Our products restore any floor type including VCT, wood, concrete, and marble.

We provide a number of programs that will suit your floor. Each program includes recommended stripper, floor cleaner, and floor finish. Available programs include:

  • NO BUFF floor maintenance program produces a high gloss appearance without the use of a buffing machine. This convenient program is used in those facilities where either time or a lack of rotary floor equipment precludes using a more advanced floor maintenance program.
  • SPRAY BUFF floor maintenance program cleans, removes scuff and heel marks, and maximizes gloss.
  • HIGH SPEED BURNISH program utilizes burnishers of up to 1500 RPM’s, to remove marks and to restore the “wet look” appearance.
  • ULTRA HIGH SPEED BURNISH program requires the use of burnishers of more than 1500 RPM’s. This method will produce the deepest, most repairable and durable “wet look” gloss.
  • To find out more about our floor care products and programs, contact us or call 1-800-OK4-SOAP.